Satan, laughing all the way

Well kids, at this point 21:35 PST, I predict that Trump will win.

Satan, known colloquially as Rupert Murdoch, will be laughing all the way.

And I hope all Americans will join me in welcoming Attila the Hun to the United States Supreme Court. You will now see the repeal of Roe vs Wade, best get your coat-hangers out. Same sex marriage? Well, I reckon that will disappear pretty quick too. Equal Rights Amendment? I’m so sorry you ain’t equal.

If you ain’t rich, and you voted Trump, well you just fucked yourself. I don’t want to hear one word of moaning in two or three years time that you were misled, didn’t understand, thought he would ‘make America great again.’ Sheer, unadulterated, lies on one side, stupidity on the other.

And at 21:41 PST I’m heading for bed. The pundits should have asked me… clueless morons.

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