A fellow sufferer Seafire Chronicles

This guy, Fred Bailey by name, has an excellent description of what I go through when things are rough; https://seafirechronicles.com/2016/08/04/a-prescription-and-an-eagles-graveyard/

I try leaving comments on his blog but either I’m an idiot and can’t open this or that bit of software, make this link work, blah, blah, blah. I usually read his work when I’m in the state he describes above – and that’s a condition or series of conditions where frustration just leads to bad things so I haven’t the patience to sort it out.

Hopefully tonight’s comment will make it.

I wish I was Jack.

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1 Response to A fellow sufferer Seafire Chronicles

  1. Fred Bailey says:

    Hey Thin Slice!

    i am a cyber neatherthal and also have a hard time doing online stuff that other folks seem to find second nature. Keep on blogging, it’s good stuff. Interestingly, your mom sounds like the same sort of character mine was. Damn there were/are a lot of them out there. I ended up writing a book about it all, an excellent cathartic experience.
    By the way, kudos on your rescue work. As a sailor, and former tugboater, I fully know what a snot-hole English Bay can be.
    Fred – Seafire.

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