What the hell happened?

What the hell happened?

Two years ago, let’s say 2014, I rode my bicycle(s) about 9,600 km and all of it essentially no more than 25 km from home. Maybe, once or twice, 30 km from home. And I enjoyed virtually all of it.

Last year, 2015, there was less riding done because a new love(s) came in to my life. A rowboat, built by a slightly crotchety guy named John Booth @ Booth Enterprises on Vancouver Island. Well I suppose I got somewhere in the range of 370+ hours of rowing, which kind of cut in to my riding time/distance.

This year? Well it seems the weather hasn’t been as conducive to rowing. And weather includes the weather that other Vancouverites experience, but it also includes the sleet and storms within my mind, the fogs of indecision, all cut in to time and interest in being cold, wet, miserable.

And I’ve been walking. Here is a ‘map’ of today’s row and walk

Row Walk 2016-03-22.png

Now, my rowing might not be as interesting as that of the Urban Oarsman http://www.urbanoarsman.com/ because I always start in the same spot, Jericho Sailing Centre here in Vancouver, while Urban Oarsman can tow his boat to new and interesting places…

But English Bay, around to the mouth of the Fraser River (North Arm) and excursions as far as Snug Cove on Bowen Island (or Horseshoe Bay) provide an interesting array of times, and tides, of conditions interesting, instructive, and once in a while rather cautionary. Yes, cautionary. They teach me to be a little more aware, a little more cautious.

This trip, today’s little jaunt to Siwash Rock and beyond, helps demonstrate one problem with my record-keeping. Using Google Earth will always show the same number of deep-sea vessels in English Bay; no matter whether my exact experience on a given day includes one vessel (really, really, really unlikely, but possible) of fifteen on the south side and three on the north side, the Google Earth image will always show the eleven pictured here.

And what is not ‘on the water’ is walking. And in this picture alone there is about 11.25 km, just a smidgen under 2 hours of walking, and a coffee interspersed in between strides. Unfortunately the illustration doesn’t do a good job of representing the elevation, lost on the way there, and painfully recovered on the return trip. Ouch.

This was all supposed to get easier as I got older. No.

Time to post this, to see how the text and picture panned out.



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