Before it becomes March

Well, really, it’s only the first weekend in February. 2016. But I know that if I don’t write something ‘right now,’ it’ll be months before I get around to it.

I’ve written before about the nature of my writing; when it’s time, it’s easy, and when it is not time the struggle to get one word out after another feels pretty much like banging my fingers with a hammer.

So, good news #3.

I’ve been out on the boats at Jericho Sailing Centre every scheduled event since the tail end of October. Well, one day I got the boat prepped and no one else showed up, so I’ve missed one outing. ;(

This weekend (Family Day long weekend in British Columbia) there are a couple events on. The first is ferrying a diver to the moorings for ‘Albatross,’ the race officer’s boat at Jericho, and having them examine the anchoring system that holds Albatross off shore when not in use. The second is on Monday, February 7, and is practice recovering people from the water while in Titan.

Speaking of Albatross, and sailboat racing, I’m signed up for ARO (that’s Assistant Race Officer) training in a couple weeks. Sounds official, eh? Means learning some of the basics of course setting, starting procedures, signal flags and the like. It’s only one evening so its the right length for me. I’m interested insofar as it makes understanding the Primary Race Officer’s decisions and intentions, perhaps, a little easier to understand. 😉

The recovery practice is a ‘Good Thing*’ because it keeps procedures fresh in our minds. There is a lot going on out on the water and while professional services can compel attendance it is a little more difficult with a largely volunteer group.

In addition to this stuff it appears there may be further 1st aid training coming up. One of the lifeguards that volunteers at Jericho has offered on-going training in cervical care – a very difficult proposition for those of us on board – and at a basic level makes doing our work safer for everyone. We are also getting oxygen systems on-board: tanks, hoses, masks, all the stuff to help with the safety aspect. And there will be training (mandatory?) in the use of that equipment.

Now, however, having scratched out a few words, I’m heading for the bathtub.

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