Canadian Shame

Canadian. Shame.

A few days ago I received an email from an old acquaintance, as I do once in a while, sometimes the email are for me alone and sometimes they are a group thing. Sometimes the information is of interest – details on some odd thing I’m interested in, or, may be interested in. Sometimes it is some joke, or ‘pick on Wal-Mart people’ sort of thing. Periodically the content is very close to my own personal moral/ethical/political no-go zone.

Thursday’s email was way, way, way beyond my cut-off point.

On Friday, the 13th of November, 2015 a group of fundamentalist Islamofascist thugs murdered over 125 people, injured hundreds more, and have fed the fires of racism and isolationism in Europe and North America. The killers were not Muslims. The killers were murderers, their beliefs the tortured and twisted rationalizations for the heinous butchery they espoused.

Thursday’s email was an equally warped, equally wrong, white, anglo-saxon, Canadian, blah, blah, blah reaction. Photographs of protests, yes, by Islamists, from 2006 and earlier. Photos originally composed to, or recently edited to, give the impression that there were far more protesters than ever actually existed at the ‘event’s’ in question.

One person called it “fear mongering 101, another called bullshit on the details of the photos, and I said, and here I quote myself

“Exactly, and as a Canadian I’m insulted. As a Canadian with aboriginal
heritage I think a little thought about immigrants is in order.”

My ‘aboriginal’ heritage is real. It is tenuous, it was a political hot-potato in the family, and as such never acknowledged let alone discussed. But it’s there in the birth records registered in Manitoba. Shame kept it hidden in one generation. In another generation, mine, it seemed a fraud to ‘claim’ it as though I personally had suffered the indignities that some truly did suffer.

But this anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, nativist crap was more than I will accept.

My sincere thanks to the two (maybe a third) who objected, I’m proud to be counted in the same rank as you. To the others. To the others I’d like you to read some history. Perhaps you could familiarize yourselves with the history of ‘immigrants’ to Canada, and the treatment they inflicted on the earlier residents. Maybe, just maybe, before you accuse every immigrant of being ‘something,’ you can look at previous groups of immigrants to see how they were abused when they got here.

Maybe you could open your eyes to plight of hundreds of thousands of people, all of them trying to get out of some hell-hole, dying in their thousands to get someplace better.

Are you afraid they might be better Canadians than you?

I think they might be.

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