Fun, and what’s that then

‘What’s that then’ brings to mind Monty Python and the sense of humour that they wrought – specifically ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail – though there were earlier bits that caused uproarious laughter… but was it ‘fun’ as defined by the on-line Oxford dictionary, as “[e]njoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure[?]” I suppose so. 

I ride a bike, bicycle, a lot. And I would argue that no matter how much, how often, how long I ride it is seldom something that fits the Oxford dictionary description. I guess it is the ‘light-hearted pleasure’ that doesn’t seem to fit. It’s not like I’m wearing a hair shirt while riding, but it never really seems ‘light-hearted,’ and most certainly not while carving through rush-hour traffic. So, is it fun?

I don’t know.

And what of the other things I’ve done, or, I suppose, do?

My understanding is that other people enjoy what they do, or they wouldn’t do it; again I’m not sure that I “take delight or pleasure in” most of the things I do. Work, well, work is what I do to make a living, however meager it may be. And that paucity of funds is, truly, mostly my fault. I don’t like ‘working,’ I do it because it pays the rent and living indoors is certainly preferable to living on the street. And my hobbies? Well, the hobbies, pastimes, interests almost always include ‘doing’ something; some physical engagement with a three-dimensional world rather than, let’s say, reading. Or watching babes on the beach. Or whatever other spectator sport one might engage in.

But that enjoyment that some seem to be rewarded with oddly passes me by. Rather than any sense of elation I’m continually hounded by some fear. This isn’t fast enough. That isn’t ‘professional looking,’ an infinite number of critiques hobble any creative industry that might, for some other person, provide “[e]njoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure.”

Do model railroaders, felters, reloaders, boaters go through the same crap I seem to? And, if they do, do they continue to do ‘it?’

Interesting. A friend of my father’s was out sailing with us one day, a Davidson 14′, a lovely boat I suppose, and said to my father “Bill, if you’re not here to have fun, I’m out of here.”

And a friend said to me not long ago that I didn’t use the word ‘fun’ very often, if at all.

Something to think about viz a viz riding, rowing, kayaking, walking, electronics and whatever else I get up to.

Fun “[e]njoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure[?]” What an interesting idea.

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