Oh, damn, depressed again.

Well, my epicurian friends, from Epicurus himself, a bit of philosophy. This is just about the shortest 12-step program in the world; it does away with eight of the steps, doesn’t require lessons (or expensive teachers) and you can do it by yourself, anywhere, any time.

Leave God, however you define Him/Her/It/Them, out of it. There is no compelling evidence for their existence and they would not care about you anyway, you’re not that important.

Don’t worry about where you, your friends, relatives, enemies, third-grade teacher are going to go when you, or they, die. You are the same after death as you were before conception.

Ease up on the pain. Pain will do one of two things, either it will increase until you die, or it will ease off and at some point you will no longer be able to re-create an accurate memory of the agony. If you die you have become as you were before conception.

Do not try to acquire power, fame, wealth, stuff beyond your true needs. None really bring satisfaction once reasonable means have been met for food, shelter, and human company. More than you really require of any of these will disappoint.

And, for Kuching, I’m thinking of you. And I’m struggling mightily with the acquisition of stuff.

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