Changes, again, damn it.

Well what can one say? Things didn’t work out at the bike shop, and, when I phoned Guido saying “I’ve got a proposition for …” I didn’t get a chance to finish the sentence before he said ‘yes.’ So I’m out of the bike business, again, and back in to the locksmithing business. Again.

Complex health issues, including my ability to clot while on warfarin, as well as long-standing mental health difficulties were part of the rational for getting out of the bike business. But you said ‘I like working on bikes,’ and I do. But let’s say that bicycle owners tell one truth and the bicycle tells another truth, and a mechanic interprets that truth as best they can. When the interpretations clash with the ‘owner’s truth,’ or, occasionally, the observations of the first shop person – prior to my starting work – stress can elevate itself to a dominant position.

And I don’t do stress well. Miracle I haven’t given myself a heart attack considering family history.

But no job is perfect. So, the bike shop allowed lovely early morning rides before opening at 10 AM. That was great. Loved it. Hated working until 6 though. The lock shop gets me out of work about 4:30 or 5, but requires starting @ 8:30. And I’m always there earlier than that, so I can open at 8:30. So no more early morning rides to Steveston for a coffee and cookie.


But I get Sunday – Wednesday off, 4 days in which to do as much as I can. Riding. Wrenching on bikes (my brothers’, and two or three of my own) as well as (are you listening Marshall) a couple of friend’s bikes. They are all work done for free, or ‘in kind,’ so I’ll get coffee, cookies, company for my efforts.

Now, it’s Tuesday, April 29, 2014 and, oddly, it’s coffee time.

Stop by again sometime.

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