Well, a new job, and all that.

Well, Saskatoon was an experience.

But, now that that is out of the way…

Yes, a new job, and all that goes with it.

Prior to leaving Vancouver for Saskatoon a random exchange put me in touch with a couple people who own a bicycle store; conversation eventually leads to a part-time job, the only real problem that from May/13 to August/13 I’m working two jobs, 13 out of every 14 days. Eventually I’m asked when I’m going to start working ‘full time’ for the bike shop?

The lock-shop was good to me. Guido was as good an employer as any and in some ways I was loathe to leave. Imagine your commute to work being under 3 minutes by bicycle, under 10 minutes on foot, and you are safely ensconced at work. My bank a mere two or three minutes (most of that waiting for traffic lights) away from work. And some small sense of responsibility. Guido, in part for his own benefit, helped me out when things were a wee bit rocky (remember ‘Fred,’ my DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)?) a few years ago?

But August 23, 2013 was my last day at Ben’s Security Locksmiths. And that was 6 or 7 weeks ago, it now being Oct 5/13.

The new job is much, much further from home, a 40 or 45 minute ride each way, rain or shine. Though, coincidentally, there is a branch of the same bank only 45 seconds walk away from my new job.

Back to fixing bicycles. I like it.

My legs hurt more, I didn’t realize how much my ability to ‘sit’ at Ben’s helped me get through the work-week, but one of my bosses’ is familiar with DVTs and is constantly reminding me to put my legs up.

And at the end of a long, tiring day in the bike shop I’m actually looking forward to coming back the next day. There are things I would change, or add, but mechanics always want to add a couple tools, an assortment of small parts, something that makes something, something that looks imposing and makes noise to impress customers. Maybe I’ll donate something…

Electronics is still there at home but I’ve been off for a bit. I over-extended, over-bought, over-complicated, over-thought what I was doing and turn it from something solely done for ‘creativity’ in to something done to impress, to garner status, stature, blah, blah, blah. So now I have to divest myself of some of my stuff.

Mind you, it is not just electronics stuff that has to go. Right now my place looks like the inside of my mind, and, were it reading material, it would read much like this blog post… disjointed, confusing, text and ideas running helter-skelter across the page. As it were.

But the bike shop, and the new job, I like it.

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