The end of the year and the beginning of the beginning

December 30, 2011

It’s 11:16 AM, on the 30th of December, 2011 as I start writing this little bit.

The year winds down, I’ve lost contact with a couple people, I’ve added a couple individuals to my ‘best regards’ list with some delight, and I’ve learned to ignore as best I can a couple people.

Electronics, well, really just tinkering and having ‘fun’ has used up most of my disposable income this year – and a huge amount of my time. The money has been, for the most part, well spent. The time has without a doubt been some of the best-spent time in years. The electronics is fun. I get to sacrifice LEDs on occasion. Then other times I get them, the LEDs that is, to perform wonderfully, dancing and singing their way across a variety of printed-circuit boards, breadboarding strips, copper nails, and weird sculptural constructions that are infused with hot-glue to prevent unwanted miscegenation between components. I like the hot-glue ones the best.

A friend, on receipt of one of my little projects said it looked as though the final packaging was done by an earnest, but not terribly focused, ten-year old. Yes. Perfect. I want stuff to work, more or less, but I’m not interested in trying to compete with ‘factory finished’ goods. Some people do, and they do wonderful, professional looking and impressive work. I’m glad for them.

But mostly this is here to get me back to writing. Some will be ‘urban,’ still an unrequited love. Some will be about my juvenile fun with electronics. Some will be an opinionated screed about one fool thing or another. But all it will, hopefully force me to think ‘logically’ enough to write clearly, to write concise work that leaves as little room for mistaken meaning as possible.

To close, I wish all a happy new year.

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