That picture has to go

Before I get started I have to rant about people who have no idea how to use the things they use. Like me. A couple of those rather fluffy photos that present themselves on this blogs opening page have got to go. And they have to go soon. And I haven’t the foggiest idea how to take care of that problem. And tonight isn’t the night to figure it out.

Now on to better things.

Last week, officially the evening of Sunday the 15th of August, 2010, I made (actually exceeded by a small amount) my mileage goal for the year, 5,200 km. At 5,354.07 km I have an extra 154.07 km in the bag as it were. Given the hoopla with my blood clots, drugs, CT scans, echo-cardiograms, drugs, heart rate, blah, blah, blah I think I’m in pretty good shape. And all the specialist is going to tell me is that I’m in pretty good shape.

Yes. I figured that out. Thanks.

On a more positive note, a far more positive note, an email arrived last night. It’s one of those ‘guy’ emails – the subject is certainly not the stuff of enlightened dinner-table conversation – but the experience it describes is real enough for some of us when the mercury climbs into the mid-30s Celsius. But it is not the subject matter, nor the actual arrival of the email that I want to mention, or at least those things are peripheral events.

What I want to talk about is a bit of creativity from someone who normally wouldn’t give themselves any credit whatever for the ability to write, the effort to take an idea and craft it until the joke works, and seems (to me at least) to live in fear of someone correcting a homonym, synonym, passive sentence, capitalization, whatever. And through all that writes a little piece that brings a laugh.

We were talking today and I said that I have no idea how that ‘laugh’ is effected.

‘Huh?’ Well, really, no. I have written one ‘funny bit of work in my life, and it was intended from the start to be slightly cynical, a bit more ironic, and an observation of my own experience in HUM 101 and how it might relate to other people’s experience. I still have, and, yes, I did say I would forward it. I’ll get on that when I am done here.

Self-image is the idea I’m interested in here. How do we sculpt our own self-image so negatively? What effect do other people have on us, and how much of that effect is actually our own attempt to carve a certain niche, one that works (it keeps us in our place, as we see it) negatively, when others around us see someone completely different?

I still remember a high school shop teacher, Mr. West, reaming me out until I was in tears, for ‘not doing as good as you’re capable of.’ I also remember, vividly, thinking that while he was absolutely correct, I had no idea what, or how, to affect the appropriate changes…

So I watch someone else do the same things, 40 years later, and hope they can find the ways to change. Just a tiny bit. Take care and keep writing.

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